Hetzner Cloud – how to use Floating IP as the default

So Hetzner offers a “floating IP” feature which is basically an IP address you can assign to various servers. But! If you follow Hetzner’s official wiki [ https://wiki.hetzner.de/index.php/Cloud_floating_IP_persistent/en ], you will just end up with a “new IP”. The default will remain. Your server will be reachable from both, but this behavior can cause issues

LiquidSky + Parsec (not anymore)

NOTE: LiquidSky has gone downhill. Service quality is absolutely trash, crap. There is no service. Just use Shadow.tech; Paperspace + Parsec; Simplay. Stay away from LiquidSky. It’s a scam.   First of all,¬†why would you do this? Parsec has no service globally yet. Parsec has a lower latency. Much lower. Parsec has no video discolor