Hetzner Cloud – how to use Floating IP as the default

So Hetzner offers a “floating IP” feature which is basically an IP address you can assign to various servers. But! If you follow Hetzner’s official wiki [ https://wiki.hetzner.de/index.php/Cloud_floating_IP_persistent/en ], you will just end up with a “new IP”. The default will remain. Your server will be reachable from both, but this behavior can cause issues

Driver mirror: Atheros AR8171/8175

Been having BSODs recently, thanks to the Qualcomm Atheros driver that Windows 10 supplies by default. To install the driver, simply unzip the package, right click the .inf file, and select Install. Windows will install the new driver within moments. You can check the version in Device Manager easily. If it’s, you are good.

LiquidSky + Parsec (not anymore)

NOTE: LiquidSky has gone downhill. Service quality is absolutely trash, crap. There is no service. Just use Shadow.tech; Paperspace + Parsec; Simplay. Stay away from LiquidSky. It’s a scam.   First of all,¬†why would you do this? Parsec has no service globally yet. Parsec has a lower latency. Much lower. Parsec has no video discolor