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Cloud gaming. State of the Cloud – 19/03/2018

This will be a very tl;dr post.

What is cloud gaming?

Basically you have a full virtual computer running ‘in the cloud’. Which simply means it’s on a remote location. You can use it, game on it, everything. You pretty much only need internet speed, and a good ping. And a h264-decode capable hardware.

What providers are out there?

Shadow.tech (unlimited)

– Dedicated GTX 1080 or Quadro P5000 GPU
– Unlimited flat-rate usage
– 1gbps/100mbps speed
– Very good quality client that can push up to 50mbps AND 70mbps (with Shadow Box).
– Windows 10 Home (licensed) with Store OS.
– They offer a “Shadow Box” thin client for EU customers (for now, expansion soon).

– The CPU has speed issues. It’s being worked at according to the team. AAA games still work fine that can scale out – most of the time. But if the bug hits real hard, even Ghost Recon can dip to unplayable 5FPS.
– RAM amount is only 12GB.
– Storage is only 256GB but this is being worked at, paid expansion will be introduced “soon”.

What is it for?
Gamers, work folks, everyone. They pretty much intend to replace your laptop/PC with Shadow.

EU (France (Paris)), US (California) – expansion is on the way.

Paperspace + Parsec (pay / hour)

– Tons of resources. Like 30GB of RAM.
– Can have P6000 Quadro GPU.
– You can add tons of storage, up to 1TB (or even more, did not check).
– Parsec is an OKAY client. Not the best, but it’s OK.

– GPU performance is like a rollercoaster. It has serious dips, making it very bad for gaming.
– CPU performance is very mediocre. Just bad in general.

What is it for?
3D work, CAD usage, game development. Work basically.

Location: Europe (Netherlands (Amsterdam)), worldwide.

Simplay (unlimited)

– Strong CPU. Strong as Geforce Now.
– Up to 512GB of storage.
– Fast SSD storage.

– Worse client than Shadow. And Parsec also is “meh”.
– GPU is worse than Shadow.
– Just 12GB of RAM, like Shadow.

What is it for?
Games, work, anything. Like Shadow.

Location: several, but currently undergoing heavy restructure.

Geforce Now (pay / hour, currently free in Beta)

It’s just crap. It’s a locked down DRM hell. You log in to GFN, and you can access a few pre-installed titles. That’s it. That’s PC gaming for you, in 2018, by Nvidia. Thank you Nvidia for destroying what PC gaming is about. The mods. The freedom. The openness.

Thankfully the service costs a fortune according to press news and leaked information, so it will not pose a long-term risk. But still, this service needs to die. Real fast.

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How to configure Parsec for best quality + performance! (BUILD 137-1)

This will be our best friend from now on: https://parsec.tv/config

How to edit and apply the new config:

  1. Start the Parsec client
  2. Click Settings
  3. Click Advanced Settings (config.txt) on the bottom

Now we can move on.
First and foremost, you have to edit the config on both your server and client!
You can include the server settings in your client.
If you do NOT want your client to become a host, set “app_host to 0” simply.

My  configuration (you can just include all the client options too and vice versa):

# For help and a full list of settings visit: https://parsec.tv/config/

# All configuration settings must appear on a new line.
# Comments are allowed after a '#' character (end-of-line style).
# All whitespace, besides the newline character '\n', is ignored.
# All settings passed via the command line, or via the website, take precedence.
# The configuration file will be overwritten by the application when changing settings.

# This sets the MAX resolution.
# Mine is 2560x1080. According to the site, DO NOT EXCEEED 2K, that is 2560x1440.

# You can force refresh rate.
# By default it uses server rate, so it should be OK by default.
# server_refresh_rate=60

# Audio delay - modify if you have to, but leave it if you can.
# client_audio_buffer=20000

# By default, if an admin is connecting to a host PC, Parsec mutes the audio on the host
# computer's speakers. If you'd like to turn this default off, please set the 
# server_admin_mute value to 0.
# server_admin_mute=1

# Set this to "warp" to have the newer (preview) version, you have to add this on both sides.
# If it messes your client/server up, you have to re-download Parsec!
# app_channel=release

# If you manually manage port forwarding for the server, you'll need to forward ports 8000-8002
# for UDP traffic on the server network. 
# If you would like to invite others to join your gaming session, you need to increase the ports
# forwarded by 3 for each concurrent connection. For instance, if you have 5 friends connecting to your server,
# you should forward ports 8000-8014.
# network_server_start_port=8000

# Highest video quality
app_lan_quality = 3
app_wan_quality = 3

# Since I have 100mbps internet.
# It will use a lot less usually, so don't worry much
encoder_bitrate = 100
# Disable fps limit (this is default btw)

# Encoder Video Output quality
# Higher value = worse picture
# 3 is very good, 25 is default
encoder_min_qp = 0

# Encoder quality
# Lower value = worse picture
# 3 is very good, 1 is worst
# I use 3, never noticed much impact from it
encoder_quality = 3

# Enable hosting
app_host = 1

# Edit as needed, but never exceed 2560x1440.


That’s all folks. This config works like a charm for me. I have a sharp picture with no latency and no noticeable slowdowns.
Mind you, the slowest hardware I use as a client is a Core2Duo mobile processor. So if you use something very weak, you might have to edit this here and there.

I also went for max quality, because I never noticed much performance drop from higher values at all. Again, your mileage may vary.
Learning how to configure Parsec only takes like 15 minutes. Just read the linked page, and copy values, adjust them to your needs. Simple as that.

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LiquidSky + Parsec (not anymore)

NOTE: LiquidSky has gone downhill. Service quality is absolutely trash, crap. There is no service.

Just use Shadow.tech; Paperspace + Parsec; Simplay.
Stay away from LiquidSky. It’s a scam.


First of all, why would you do this?

  • Parsec has no service globally yet.
  • Parsec has a lower latency. Much lower.
  • Parsec has no video discolor / artifacting whatsoever.

So in many ways, Parsec’s client is just superior to LiquidSky’s. And it’s completely free.

1. Login to your SkyComputer

Start and log in to your SkyComputer using the LiquidSky client.
If you haven’t managed to get the LiquidSky windows client running on your Mac in some form, first follow this easy guide to install it using Wine.

2. Create a Parsec.tv account

Go to parsec.tv and create a new account

3. Install Parsec Gaming Server

Now you need to install the Parsec Gaming Server on your SkyComputer.
Go to the Parsec downloads page in a browser on your SkyComputer
and download the Parsec Gaming Server.
Install it on your SkyComputer.

4. Turn off automatic timeout

Make sure automatic timeout in your SkyComputer is set to None, or else your SkyComputer will shut down during your mythic Karazhan run. You can start/shut down your LiquidSky from your Android client. You can also shut down your machine once you are done by simply using the Windows “shutdown” in your SkyComputer.

5. Change the following config file:

By default, your SkyComputer hides your cursor.
We want to turn this off by editing a simple line in the sky.cfg file.
Open the file sky.cfg in the directory C:\Windows\liquidsky.
Change the ShowCursor=0 value to ShowCursor=1.
Restart your SkyComputer to make this change active.

Original guide was posted here: https://parsec.carrd.co/
(This is more or less a backup for myself and the public.)

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