additional failover IP for virtual machine netplan

Here is the original article for this: But on Ubuntu 18.04 you will not have ifupdown by default. It uses netplan. Now, you can return to ifupdown but you may face issues. For example in my case – internet would not come back up after each reboot. This made auto apt updates and

Hetzner Cloud – how to use Floating IP as the default

So Hetzner offers a “floating IP” feature which is basically an IP address you can assign to various servers. But! If you follow Hetzner’s official wiki [ ], you will just end up with a “new IP”. The default will remain. Your server will be reachable from both, but this behavior can cause issues

Game review: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019) short review

tl;dr: They tried to copy a previous COD game but failed pretty much. People wanted a COD in the MW era, so they got pretty much a copy-paste title. Except, all the good parts are gone or mostly changed. They should have went with the same timeline, but let artists have their freedom. If you

How to change YI DashCam Chinese to English (CABACA version)

To do this, you will need the following items: Yi Dashcam. CABACA serial/model, grey color. I only had the gray to try, but there is a forum post where the original tutorial was posted Рwhere it says the black version will NOT work! Proceed with caution if you have the black one. A USB charger