First of all, make sure you test your values and settings for a week at least. Try it under Prime95, try it with Blender, try it with Office work, try compiling, try idle state (yes, that too). You have to practically test every workload, because each behaves different and any can result in a BSOD.

Now, once you have your rock-solid values…

Why do I have to put it in Task Scheduler?

Intel’s tool has dementia. It will apply the values and keep them. For some time. Then it randomly reverts them. No, not only when there is a BSOD – which is a very cool and awesome failsafe mechanism. But just randomly.

Why use Intel Extreme Tuning Utility?

Well, you can undervolt the CPU for example. I use it for that. My CPU can do -0,45mV stable (which is not a whole lot, but it helps a lot.) You can see my values in the example script.

Okay, shut up, give me my script…

Save the following code into a .bat, and set Task Scheduler to apply it.
– MAKE SURE to check “Delay task for:” and set it to at least 1 minute. (this provides you a safe window. if you ever decide to go full retard, you have 1 minute to save your PC at each reboot. godspeed.)
– At log in
– Kernel-Power event 507 (this is from waking up from hibernate)
– Wherever/whenever else you would like to run this
– Make sure to check “Run with highest privileges”
(Yes, I used a now outdated Reddit post for the kernel power event and delay tip.)

REM find IDs by using
REM "C:\Program Files (x86)\Intel\Intel(R) Extreme Tuning Utility\Client\XTUCli.exe" -i tuning xml

REM Source:
REM Check if XTU service is running and start if not

SC QUERYEX "%SvcName%" | FIND "STATE" | FIND /v "RUNNING" > NUL && (
ECHO %SvcName% is not running

NET START "%SvcName%" > NUL || (
ECHO "%SvcName%" wont start
ECHO "%SvcName%" is started
) || (
ECHO "%SvcName%" is running

REM -45 mV undervolt for Core + Cache
cd "C:\Program Files (x86)\Intel\Intel(R) Extreme Tuning Utility\Client\"
XTUCli.exe -t -id 34 -v 45
XTUCli.exe -t -id 79 -v 45