The Camera itself is 5 star. IT’S GREAT.
Setup is easy, picture quality is excellent. But oh God, the software. It is bad.
I’ve had a 1080p 360 degree camera from Xiaomi before I decided to upgrade to this model.

1) In the app, you can’t just scroll the picture. Like you can’t just tap and move the screen to check the entire camera footage. Because the phone, depending on the ratio, you can only see a cut-off portion. Even in Landscape, I can’t see everything.

So when you try to pan around with your finger, it will move the camera’s picture. It is SO annoying.

2) There is NO way to set motion detection partitions up. Which is super weird. I’ve seen old Xiaomi screenshots where they’ve had this feature. But now, you can only set a basic sensitivity and if you want to see ALL movement or just people’s movement alarms.

This can be super annoying too, because let’s say your camera faces the outside door, but there is car traffic outside the windows. You can’t use motion detection because you will always have false alarms.

3) There is a semi-official Windows program for the Xiaomi smart cameras. But it does not work with THIS one. It ignores the camera by defaul. There is a way to force it into the program, but it won’t work, it throws an error called “-20009”. Guides say it’s a region lock (meaning the cam is China only in apps) – but I’ve put my European country in the app and the camera paired instantly so I think the app is just throwing a random error at this point.

It’s still annoying.

4) Even if you share the camera with another user (your SO, kids, business partner), if you enable push notifications, they will get the notifications. Disable them? They are disabled for both of you. So silly.

Ps.: There is a MicroSD slot. You have to move the camera UP and you can see the tiny slot below the camera lens. This can record all the time, or it can record only motion. BE CAREFUL. If you record ALWAYS, you need an “industrial SD card”. Look it up. Basically, you can buy special SD cards for dashcams, cameras, and for security cameras like this one. They were designed to withstand a lot of writes (because you keep saving the new footage over and over again). If you put in a normal cheap SD card, it will be dead soon. Not the camera’s fault, those cards were not designed for heavy use.

I’d say the camera is for guarding a simple home, or maybe your pets, baby probably. But due to how limited the app is, the camera also gets very limited. I don’t know why Xiaomi did this, this could be the best thing ever if they only invested a bit in the apps.
Also imagine a PC app where you’d get the push notifications and you could open the cams fast? It’d be heaven.

Hope my review helps someone.

Honestly this camera (and all other Xiaomi cameras) would benefit from alternative clients. But I suppose Xiaomi is not to keen on sharing a way for us to develop custom apps. There are a few custom firmwares online for various smart cameras, but they are mostly obsolete/abandoned at this point. If you are still deciding, just get a HIKVision. It works.