tl;dr: RECOMMENDED. 5/5 star.

It’s a really solid phone. If you like MIUI, it’s a superb choice.
Can be picked up used for SUPER, insanely cheap. And you get so much value…

XDA scene: Meh.
There are a few attempts here and there but I would not call it an overly healthy development scene. Which is weird to be honest because there are so many phones being sold, yet barely any development happening.


  • IPS screen. Will never burn in for long-term use. From hardcore gaming. It will stay the same.
    144hz fast refresh rate; super-bright screen.
  • Big battery with great battery life and excellent super charging. Never had a battery problem.
  • Good speaker quality, good call quality.
  • Great signal, GPS, 5G speeds. I’ve hit almost 1000mbps internet speeds on 5G. Insane. (with dual sim installed!)
  • Excellent performance. It always felt fast. No complaints.
  • Good camera. The pictures I took came out great. The 108mpx mode also looks stellar. But you really need a tripod or steady hands to pull of a sharp shot with that. It’s not impossible though.
  • MIUI. If you love it, it’s great. You can easily flash Global, EEA (EU) or Xiaomi.EU roms on the device. They all work fine. I run Android 11 EEA at the moment. EEA has Google Dialer/Messages.
    The LineageOS that exists for the phone is almost bug-free, but development has not been too active lately. Check around XDA if you wish to pick up the device only for this.
  • You can root, unlock, and keep the warranty. Typical Xiaomi fashion, you need to wait a week or something like that to be able to unlock the phone (for root, roms, etc.)


  • It’s “heavy”. Just like the Zenfone 7 Pro, this is above 210g in weight. But it’s typical in the category.
  • The screen, due to being IPS can feel like it’s “ghosting” a tiny bit. Under fast movement that is. Imagine like super fast scrolling in Reddit or whatever. Honestly, it never bothered me a single bit, but people brought it up. Like, compared to a 144hz AMOLED panel, this feels “worse”. Then again, a 144hz AMOLED costs about 3-5 times as much. And it will burn in, while this won’t ever.
  • The proximity sensor honestly sucked on the Android 10 EEA rom that came with the phone. Global, Xiaomi.EU and Android 11 EEA works great though. So I just recommend you to update it when you get it.

Hope that helped. If you have any questions, doubts, feel free to write a comment.
From me, for such a cheap price (used), it’s a major recommend. It ticks every box.