tl;dr: RECOMMENDED. 5/5 star.

– You can pick it up super cheap used.
– Excellent camera quality. The pictures on it are SO GOOD. GCam works. It takes better pictures than my Note 10+ used to. Very surprised and absolutely loving it.
– 90hz (which you can enable everywhere!!!) display. Bright. Very nice quality.
– Excellent battery life. It easily lasts me a very heavy day and more.
– Superb software. No themes, but it’s lean and clean. Fast. I love it. Many little handy features here and there.
– Excellent call quality, signal and reception.
– Excellent GPS signal, lock-on time.
– Excellent OS and speed.
– Excellent performance. Never a hiccup, no lag ever. I am no mobile Fortnite pro, but I haven’t had any issues in emulators, in the OS, during work or anything.
– Excellent proximity sensor. It works so good. Always on point.
– MicroSD slot AND dual-sim. Super-rare. (Only some Samsung A series have this feature.) You can pop in a 512GB microSD easily, and still have dual SIM. It’s a media machine.
– Superb speakers. Loud, clear.
– LED indicator on the bottom. Bright, visible, nice.
– Fullscreen viewing experience. No notch, no hole.
– Fast, great working side fingerprint reader.
It has stock call recording enabled. I can’t confirm if Android 11 will still have it, but Android 10 has it.
– The special camera works in any other custom app (like SNOW, Gcam, etc.). You can set a manual angle on the camera in apps. Very helpful for work.

– It’s heavy. Well, phones in 2021 finally received what I was asking for years. Bigger batteries. But with the flip camera and the 5000 mAh battery pack, it’s a chonky boi. 220g. Without case.
– There is no separate front camera. To me, this is awesome, a godsend. I have a full screen, no annoying stuff. But if you are a vlogger who wishes to record himself/herself while making a video – you can’t do that. The camera can only stay in one direction. That said, this phone can take SUPERB quality vlogs if you use a selfie stick or a tripod or something. So there is that.
– The camera system is hard to protect. Thus cases can get heavy.
What I recommend is… Get a simple TPU case, you know one of those “floppy plastic transparent cases”, and also buy a “camera protector glass” off eBay. This way you have a phone you can just hold easily and the cameras are also protected. This works best for me. I’ve bought that RhinoShield case, but it is too chonky, too heavy for me.
– Rooting the phone, just like Samsung for example, will void your warranty. I have not found a single reason to root it yet though.

Hope that helped. If you have any questions, doubts, feel free to write a comment.
From me, for such a cheap price (used), it’s a major recommend. It ticks every box.