If you are familiar with everything and just came for a solution, look below.

Let me start off by saying, there are two pieces to this puzzle. There is A) Do Not Disturb itself, and B) the option for notifications to ignore Do Not Disturb.

So Android has this feature called Do Not Disturb which is something I’ve been using for many years now. Basically, it lets you mute all sounds off from your phone – yet the phone will ring if an important person or a loved one calls you.

I believe it’s an amazing feature since I never actually have to go Silent ever and people who are important can always reach me. This feature is available on almost any Android device. Google, HTC, Samsung, Sony, OnePlus, you name it. It’s there. Even available on Xiaomi. Not in the same way. In MIUI 11 you were able to both allow important calls and SMS messages. MIUI 12 only lets you allow important callers.

But here comes the trouble. The second piece of the puzzle – B). The option to ignore DND. On most Android systems you have a plethora of choices when it comes to notifications. If I want to get notified by just one label in Gmail? Possible. I want to make it sound different? Possible. Do I want to only get one type of notification from an app? Possible. And you can all set these to ignore DND. So if you have a home alarm app for example, you can make it override DND so if someone tries to break in during the middle of the night, it all works.

Except on Xiaomi.

For some reason the Chinese manufacturer thought they will just kinda implement the A) part of the puzzle. And that’s it. There is no B) on Xiaomi, they simply left it out.

So how to get this functionality on Xiaomi?

Two apps.
– Alertify
– Missed call reminder, Flash on call (aka. “Prof Reminder”)

You can use whichever, they both work. Prof Reminder has a bit more customization to it, but I let you choose. Once installed, just set them up.

  • Make sure to enable “Autostart” for both the reminder app, and your app that you want to get reminded of. For example: “Home Alarm” is your app, then enable “Autostart” for that app as well.
  • Make sure to disable ANY battery management for both your chosen notifier app and the app “Home Alarm” for example.
    (^ These options are available if you long hold your finger on an app and then go Info.)
  • For me, only a few alarm sounds worked. I copied a folder of MP3s into the /sdcard/Notifications folder and just tried a few.

Make sure to test. I cannot stress this enough.
I know this sounds trivial enough – but these notifications are crucial.
Test the notification in the app, test it after you turn off the screen, test it after your phone was sitting on your table for a longer period of time (let it sleep/doze). It must always fire, work.

Hope this little guide helps someone.