Video tutorial if you are a scrub (NOT by me):

As you may have noticed Google likes to update the Pixel. I mean that’s not a bad thing, but that also means you gotta update by hand quite often if you have a rooted Pixel. And hell, why would you own a Pixel if you don’t root it?! Duh!

1. Let’s grab the latest platform-utils (for fastboot):

2. Grab the matching boot.img from here:

If you can’t find the same version, just open the image file from the extracted zip (Matroska feel) and there is the boot.img that you need.

Pixel 3A XL is Bonito:

3. Copy up the boot.img to your phone, patch it in Magisk.
Once patched, grab it back to your PC from the phone’s Downloads folder.

4. Finally we can get to work.

Grab the latest image.
Download the latest image (it’s at the bottom of each device list):

Extract the downloaded ZIP.

5. YOU CAN ALWAYS CHECK HOW TO FLASH BY OPENING “flash-all.bat” AND FOLLOWING STEPS. Keep in mind, you have to remove the “-w” toggle from the last step if you don’t want to wipe user partition.

– Boot your phone into bootloader mode (PWR_DOWN+POWER).
– Then issue the commands while being in the extracted zip folder.

fastboot flash bootloader [..].img
fastboot reboot-bootloader
fastboot flash radio [...].img
fastboot reboot-bootloader
fastboot update [...].zip

Now you have the new OS, but not the new boot img.
Shutdown phone, boot fastboot again, and use:

fastboot flash boot magisk_patched.img
fastboot reboot