Game review: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019) short review

tl;dr: They tried to copy a previous COD game but failed pretty much. People wanted a COD in the MW era, so they got pretty much a copy-paste title. Except, all the good parts are gone or mostly changed. They should have went with the same timeline, but let artists have their freedom. If you try to copy something, you should outdo it. But that’s certainly not the case here.


  • Guns feel nice, they do a nice amount of damage. Maybe too much of a damage. Gunplay is nice.
  • The new big player modes are welcome.


  • I could not see EAC or BattlEye loading up, nor I could find any executable or folders. Thus, I doubt there is any proper, state-of-the-art anti-cheat included in the PC release whatsoever. This can only indicate that the developers treat fair play a second class citizen.
  • Some things like claymore are just trash. Adds nothing to the game-play, and it is extremely annoying. Kinda like akimbo was in the past, but minus anything cool about it. I know. COD4 had a Claymore. Amazing.
  • There is a “NAT Type” in the menu which suggests a p2p or hybrid network model. I am not fan of either. The NAT solution already caused troubles in the BO4 Zombie mode for example.
  • Perks vs AA weaponry have a weird relation. Most perks go down after just 1 shot. AA lock on is like 0.5 seconds, reload is 2 seconds. Point is, the AA is way too powerful against killstreaks. I am not fan of OP killstreaks either, but to clear everything with just my secondary AA weapon is nonsense.
  • No wallbang like in COD4. It’s gone. You can shoot through a very few materials/walls with specific guns. However it makes zero sense. In COD4, I could wallbang like crazy with an AK. Here? Guy runs behind a 0.1mm wall and is protected. Feels bad, really takes away from the game-play.
  • Movement is way too fast. Even without the perk that increases speed, the run speed is crazy fast. In COD1,2,4 you had to take movement speed in account in a tactical mode where you had to rotate. When to rotate, is rotate worth it, etc. Here? Sprint to Mars within 3 nanoseconds.
  • Head bobbing/kickback is too strong. An AK kicking is fine, just like COD4, but that made sense. Since it’s a big caliber gun. But an M4 is kicking like a heavy machine gun? I mean come on. I am no gun nut, but that’s just weird. I saw the video about the animations, and they said they wanted them to be gritty, but it’s just not realistic. An M16, M4 or MP5 had zero punch in COD4, yet it felt great to use.
  • Shotguns, snipers are pretty much oneshot. Snipers were definitely a skill weapon in COD4. You would cover 180 degree easily with it and just shoot headshots. Here you kill by shooting any body part pretty much. But you become vulnerable because it feels cumbersome / “so heavy” to use.
  • Damage fall off is super weak. Meaning most guns do crazy high damage even from very long distances. While the drop-off was certainly exaggerated in Call of Duty 4 – it felt just right – since the maps in Call of Duty are not all that huge. For example, an M4 from afar had barely any chance to kill someone. Here you can snipe a person from the other side of the map using any rifle, pistol… anything really. It just feels silly, wrong.
  • Visuals are bad. What does “bad” mean? The game looks OKAY. I know I have my retro glasses on now, but it does not look that much different than any other past title. I do not have RTX, but I don’t think that would save the game. HOWEVER, what you get is plenty of blur, smoke or and some other effects on all the maps that covers visuals. Meaning, tracking the enemy player, seeing details is very tiresome. Think of this like the smoke in COD4:MW that caused lag. This one does not cause lag but makes your eyes water.

Weird bugs:

  • Ping seems messed up. Sometimes it shows 0, sometimes 100.

What am I trying to ‘say’ with this short blog post?

You should not waste your money. Not on this game, no.

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