How to change YI DashCam Chinese to English (CABACA version)

To do this, you will need the following items:

  • Yi Dashcam. CABACA serial/model, grey color. I only had the gray to try, but there is a forum post where the original tutorial was posted – where it says the black version will NOT work! Proceed with caution if you have the black one.
  • A USB charger with at least 1A output.
  • A computer with an SD card reader. (most laptops have a reader)
  • The attached “FWCARC10 (4).bin” file.
  • The attached “Emergency Aid” “FWCARC10.bin” (this can be downloaded from here directly:
  1. Take out the memory card from the camera
  2. Insert card into your computer
  3. Format the Memory Card (fat32, no label, default settings)
  4. Copy the “FWCARC10 (4).bin” file to the device, rename it to “firmware.bin”
  5. Eject SD card safely from your computer
  6. Put the SD card into the camera
  7. Put the power cable from the 1A charger into the camera.
  8. Power on the camera, accept the update with the LEFT button. (You can use Google Translate on your smartphone to read any errors/info messages.)
  9. It will start working, ~3 minutes or so. Let it work. Once it completes, it will say “Adaptation fail, access denied”. Don’t panic, things are going OK.
  10. Remove power cable, SD card. Put SD card into computer again. Format it again.
  11. Copy over the “FWCARC10.bin” to the SD card, rename it to “firmware.bin”. Eject SD safely again.
  12. Add SD to the camera, plug in the 1A charger, boot the camera. It won’t display much but the yellow led will blink left and right. After 3-5 minutes it will boot up, now in English.

Enjoy! Now you have an English serial/firmware Yi camera.


  • Why is the firmware called “(4)” and “FWARC” and whatnot?
    The original uploader called it (4) and I kept the name. The (4) is a modified firmware file I guess, and the normal one is the simple “Emergency mode” that you can grab from Yi. You always have to rename the candidate to “firmware.bin”.
  • I have read that you just have to write a “engmode” and serial number file to the device to make it english…?
    That seem to work on various models. But no on this “CABACA” one. I was in the same shoes, trust me.
  • My device won’t flash, won’t do …
    Make sure you are using a CHARGER and not your computer! You need a separate charger for the firmware stuff no matter what. There is no going way around this.

Also, make sure you use a “SD card for cameras”. Here is one example:

You can start using a dashcam with any SD card, but most cards will die very fast from the continuous recording. Just get a high endurance one and you will be good for a long time.


Tutorial was originally posted here:

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