AKO 5002 & 5003 CD + Catalog PDFs

The software to access your AKO 5003 and AKO 5004 can be downloaded here:
It is Windows 10 compatible.


The PDF can be viewed here (hopefully Google will index it sooner or later):


The whole ISO image is here:


(Uploaded them in 7z, they have no password and of course they are just a raw rip of the original old CD disc. I have no clue why AKO decided NOT to share the programs and PDF files online.)

Make sure to use RS232 – aka. serial port to connect to your AKO device. The RS232 converter that AKO gives has a wide-RS232 which can trick you into believing the device needs an LPT port. But, it uses serial. So just get a wide-to-short RS232 cable / converter and it will work just fine, even on Windows 10.

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