AKO 5003 & 5004 CD + Product Catalog

So this is mostly just a “public share” of an old AKO CD. You actually need this disc to use an AKO 50003 or 50004. The software is Windows 10 compatible. Only the software package for 5003 and 5004: https://s.agx.co/2018_04/001-AKO/AKO_5002_and_5003.7z Ako full CD package (everything from CD in one archive): https://s.agx.co/2018_04/001-AKO/ako.7z PDF from the CD: https://s.agx.co/2018_04/001-AKO/Pdfs/

The bad side of the cloud: LiquidSky 2.0 Review

This review has been a long time coming. I wish I never had to post this article in fact. I wish Cloud Gaming would have never had such companies. What is LiquidSky? It’s a Cloud Gaming Service. Okay, what’s that, you might ask. Instead of having a powerful PC or gaming laptop at home, you can

How to change YI DashCam Chinese to English (CABACA version)

To do this, you will need the following items: Yi Dashcam. CABACA serial/model, grey color. I only had the gray to try, but there is a forum post where the original tutorial was posted – where it says the black version will NOT work! Proceed with caution if you have the black one. A USB charger

AKO 5002 & 5003 CD + Catalog PDFs

The software to access your AKO 5003 and AKO 5004 can be downloaded here: It is Windows 10 compatible. https://s.agx.co/2018_04/001-AKO/AKO_5002_and_5003.7z The PDF can be viewed here (hopefully Google will index it sooner or later): https://s.agx.co/2018_04/001-AKO/Pdfs/ The whole ISO image is here: https://s.agx.co/2018_04/001-AKO/ako.7z (Uploaded them in 7z, they have no password and of course they are